RX-Lite 200 Runner Trainers Child


Introducing your next addition to your fashionable kids' footwear collection. The RX-Lite 200 trainers seamlessly merge fashion with functionality, providing style and comfort with your child's every step. 

  • Fashion-Forward Design: RX-Lite trainers are crafted with an eye for style. Their sleek and modern design ensures your child looks cool and trendy, making them the envy of the playground.
  • Superior Comfort: We prioritize your child's comfort above all else. These trainers feature cushioned insoles and padded collars, providing a plush, supportive feel with every stride. Whether they're running, jumping, or simply walking, their feet will thank you.
  • Durable Construction: RX-Lite trainers are built to withstand active play. Their robust materials and reinforced stitching ensure they hold up well under the demands of an active child, promising long-lasting use.
  • Versatile Sizing: With sizes ranging from infants to child sizing, StrideStar trainers grow with your child. No need to constantly replace shoes as they grow; these trainers adapt to their changing needs.