Tips to get kids into nature - Written by @lauralou767 in collaboration with MRK


Introducing @lauralou767

Hi I’m Laura, I’m a 35 year old single mum winging my way through life raising two bulldozer boys Archie 5 ¾ and George 4. I write an open and honest family style blog about raising my humans and all that goes with it, navigating work, dating etc. I have always found the outdoors and nature to give me space to breathe and smile which is something I wanted to pass on to my boys. 



  1. Focus on what they love – 
    1. Don’t forget you want to create a love of nature and being outdoors with them. Do your kids like animals, flowers, trains or boats? Your halfway there if they are excited about what they may find. I have two train mad boys and we are fortunate enough to live near tracks a lot of our walks are muddy and train based.
  2. Make it fun – 
    1. Play eye spy, or ask them to guess how many things they may see (2 trains, 3 cows etc), hide and seek is also another favourite. Why not find your inner child? There is nothing better than laughter and being silly. Jump in a puddle, play tag, roll down a hill. Kids find it so funny when you are silly and I guarantee you will laugh to!
  3. The National Trust is a life saver
    1. They have so many places all over the UK from forests, to bird watching, farms, to mills, beautiful houses and gardens the monthly membership is very low and what is on offer is incredible. They often have activities for children and some do activity packs and no extra cost.
  4. Escape to the garden – 
    1. If you prefer the comfort of your own garden make it exciting. Bug houses are amazing, you get all sorts of visitors and you can look everything up together. Why not have a picnic (weather permitting), create a den or an obstacle course the possibilities are endless.
  5. Grow your own – 
    1. Flowers, fruit, vegetables are another way to create some excitement. There is nothing better than planting seeds and watching things grow and of course taste delicious home grown produce. Its so simple and easy but very rewarding.

I have found the outdoors to heal and make the 3 us laugh, share and enjoy time together. We are at the stage where they ask to go for a walk somewhere to run around and get muddy. We forget how much a walk can boost our mood and engaging in some fun and laughter is so good for the soul! 



January 12, 2021 — Emily Ramplin


Julia Conquest said:

Lovely advise Laura, looks like you have great fun outdoors with your boys!!

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