Our products fall into one of two broad categories, 'Regular' Product and 'MRK X' Product. The lead time on both varies and is explained below.

Regular Product (Non MRK X Labelled)

To achieve UNRIVALED online pricing, we source some of our non MRK X products from our carefully selected partners from the UK, Europe and around the world, and this does mean that, as stated on our website, for most of these products we publish a lead time of between 1-4 weeks.

MRK X Products 

'MRK X' Products are essentially items delivered on a shorter lead time (Normally dispatched between 7-9 Working Days). 'MRK X' Products are a combination of 'Exclusive to MRK' Items and products that are in stock for quick dispatch.

To view our full range of quickly dispatched 'MRK X' Products, please see following link - See our full MRK X range here