Yep, we're facing lockdowns and yep, the night's are drawing in. So staying in, is DEFINITELY the new going out. If cleaning, tidying and organising are your thing, then we've got some great ideas and some brilliant accounts to follow. Or maybe you're a bit like us, and it's not your 'thing' but you like watching everyone else do it.

One thing we're loving on good-old Netflix is 'Get Organised with the Home Edit'. It gives a glimpse in to the lives of famous faces (such as Khloe Kardashian & Reece Witherspoon) and how to they've had their gorgeous homes organised by Clea and Joanna, usually with their rainbow style colour-coordination. If you're not watching it, it's fun and easy viewing with some fab tips and even more fabulous clothes!

Last week we posted our 'How to fold a hoodie MRK style', which showed you how to fold a hoodie (obvs) but tucking the hoodie in to the hood (keeping it all neat and tidy). The video got over 101k views on our Instagram reels, watch it on our Instagram reels and grid.



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This week at MRK HQ, we decided to have a sort out and a tidy up. It's always a pain to start a big de-clutter, then it turns to 'I should never have started this', but in the end it's always a relief, it feels good and really does clear your mind too. Check us out on Tiktok- search ‘Myrockingkids’



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It's impossible to mention tidying, sorting, cleaning etc and not mention our fave 'Mrs Hinch'. She's funny, relatable, thoroughly entertaining, full of great 'Hinch Hauls' and top advice. Some other accounts that we love following are; Lynsey Crosbie (@lynsey_queenofclean), Nicola Lewis (@Thisgirlcanorganise) and Gemma and Charlotte (@stylesisters). There's nothing more satisfying than a clean room (that probably smells of Zoflora or a wax melt), some organised boxes (maybe with some labels) and some easy hacks that make us actually want to do housework.

Here's some natural top tips to help keep things fresh, clean and hopefully germ free:
- Pour baking soda, with a sprinkle of water or a squeeze of lemon juice, over hobs and stoves. Leave for 30 minutes and wipe off

- Tea bags (used are fine too) in a burnt on pan/dish with warm water and let sit for 30-60 minutes will remove tough marks

- A small bowl of Bicarbonate of Soda in the fridge, or a sprinkle in stinky shoes, will eliminate bad odours

- Wash make-up brushes in warm, soapy water into which you’ve mixed a little coconut oil. It will help break down the make-up residue to keep them clean and keeps the bristles lovely and soft

- To clean microwaves, cut a lemon in half and squeeze each half into a bowl which is filled halfway with water. Then place the rest of the lemon into the bowl and place it inside your microwave. Next, set the timer for 3-5 minutes on the highest setting. Once it beeps, let the microwave cool down for 5 minutes or so. Then, remove the dish and wipe the inside cloth.

Share your favourite cleaning/organising hacks in the comments below

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Carly @ MRK x

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