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Halloween at home: Ridiculously easy ideas for games and food

Halloween is here and it's not exactly the fun day of tricks and treats that we thought it would be. But fear not, we've learnt to adapt and make the most of the situation, right? Trick or treating may be off the agenda for some, so we've come up with some super easy ideas for what to eat and what to play to still make it a spook-tacular Halloween.


At home scavenger hunt:

If you're not trick or treating, then go from room to room instead of house to house. Hide the treats around the house and create clues for where to find the next yummy snack.

Use something like this, or Google 'Halloween scavenger hunt' for more ready-made examples to print and use.

Cotton ghosts:

Use cotton wool, or even tissue, grab some white paint and coloured paper to create your own ghost pictures. (Hobby craft has glow in the dark paint, for an extra scare factor)


Spider Races:

Get some plastic spiders (from poundshops, supermarkets etc) and set up a race. Blow them across the finish line with straws and make the 'track' as easy or as difficult as you want. Challenge? Do it blindfolded and use instructions from each other to get your spiders to move in the right direction.

Glow in the dark ghosts:

Milk bottles, glow sticks and a permanent pen. Get creative with your designs, crack your glow sticks and add a couple to each milk bottle.

Now the treats! Sure, shop bought ones are easy peasy, but if you fancy getting a bit creative with things that you can find at home, then check out some of our favourites:

Terrifying Teeth:

Apple slices, peanut butter (or jam works perfectly) and some mini marshmallows

Spooky Spiderwebs:

Long pretzels & melted chocolate. Lay out on foil or paper, make swirls around the pretzels (positioned in a star shape). Put in the fridge for a couple of hours/freezer for an hour and enjoy

Banana ghosts & Satsuma pumpkins:

Cut the bananas in half, use chocolate chips for eyes and a chocolate button for the mouth, stick on with a tiny amount of melted chocolate or jam.

Peel satsumas, cut a stalk from cucumber/green pepper/celery

Pumpkin crisps (or snack of your choice):

Grab some clear bags (sandwich bags are perfect) and fill with crisps, crackers, sweets etc. Ideally an orange colour, but don't let colour stop your creativity. Then wrap with a bow and use a permanent pen to create a spooky face


Enjoy and let us know if you made or ate any of our suggestions. Happy Halloween from MRK

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